The right insights at the right times drive smart decisions about workforce strategy which is why our methods are 365 days a year, meaning you can find out how your employee engagement is doing day in, day out, at the click of a button.

 Employee survey results are usually strong KPI’s, and are ultimately how most organisations measure improvement. So many are flat, rigid styles of questionnaire which rarely offer any engaging experience or incentive to those who complete them. 

We’re here to change that

We pride ourselves on providing the most engaging, effective engagement survey out there. We took a business need and built on that until we found what worked – a web and app based tool which is engaging and most of all, fun to use.

VossStocks gives high-quality feedback and insight from employees, ensuring we support you as you continue to learn, grow and challenge yourselves.

“A great way to measure improvement and organize programmes around a quantitative metric – which produces that insight and measurement in a language everybody around the board table understands. The comprehensiveness of the platform and depth of analytics enable us to be ahead of the curve.” Jo Carr. Head of Communications & CSR.