We guarantee that your employees are the most powerful and flexible asset in your business. They are also likely to be your most expensive. When people are disengaged or under-utilised, you’re throwing away value. Worse still, disengagement is viral: demotivated people bring down the effectiveness, talent and productivity of the team around them. Hard though it may be at the start, investment in engagement is a dead cert, because an engaged team will similarly be exponentially more effective, productive and happy.

We have entered a true ‘age of transparency’, an environment of heightened scrutiny, in which every employee, every consumer, every competitor has access to channels that can deliver and amplify their experience with the organisation to a mass audience. Employee communication has a critical role to play in achieving an engaged workforce. However this is not simply a matter of better ‘internal marketing’. Making both a rational and emotional connection with employees and moving them along the message – understood – behavioural change cycle requires strategy and planning. We have a great track record of delivering communication programmes and campaigns at both a national and global level. We also pride ourselves on developing a style of measurement like no other on the market.

“Working with Jacqueline herself, it soon came apparent her extraordinary ability to analyse problems and outline necessary courses of action was invaluable and one of her greatest talents was creating new and innovative ways of working to fit the model of my business. Her on the spot thinking and creative coaching provided the tools I needed to mould a culture built on empowering employees and for me, I have been reaping the benefits ever since.” Olivia Hall. Marketing and Communications Manager